DISC Personality Style Workshop

Would you like to communicate better with your spouse, children, boss, co-workers, clients, etc.?  Would you like to strengthen relationships, improve your appreciation of the differences in others, better resolve or prevent conflicts, improve workplace dynamics, improve your ability to positively influence others, and build stronger, more productive teams?  Well, wait no longer.  We will be providing a two-hour seminar on the DISC personality/behavioral style process on Wednesday May 23rd from 6-8pm in room M-4.
DISC is a measure of observable personality traits and a powerful predictor of future behavior.  It is a universally accepted and highly validated instrument for measuring behavioral tendencies.  The DISC provides a common language for talking about human behavior and provides a doorway for open communication.
The DISC can tell us many things about our tendencies including but not limited to: How we are motivated, the types of environments we prefer, our strategy for accomplishing tasks, how we communicate with others, how we react to stress, what methods we use to influence others and what things have an influence on us.
The DISC has four primary behavioral styles.  Everyone is a combination of these four styles.  While DISC is not an acronym, the D, I, S, and C do having meanings.  The ‘D’ is the Dominant, Direct, Decisive, Confrontational, Task oriented style characteristic.  The ‘I’ is the Influential, Interactive, Inspirational, Encouraging, Talkative, People oriented style characteristic.  The ‘S’ is the Stable, Steady, Secure, Family/People oriented style characteristic.  The ‘C’ is the Correct, Controlled, Compliant, Analytical, Task oriented style characteristic.
These behavioral characteristics and much more will be covered in detail along with each participant completing a Style Overview Sampler which will show a graphical view of the strengths of their D, I, S, and C characteristics.
The seminar is open to men and women with a class limit of 30 people.  If more than 30 sign up another class seminar will be conducted.
The seminar will be facilitated by John Fornicola, a Certified Behavioral Analyst and a Christ Church member.