Top 10 Reasons Why Your Child Should Join Christ Kidz Live

Your child will…

10. Experience the many benefits of music, such as brain and language development (especially for younger children), opportunities for creativity, increase memory skills,  sharpen listening skills, and relieve stress, and many, many more benefits. (“Google” it.  The research is out there!)

9. Develop important social skills such as cooperation and teamwork.

8. Grow in self-confidence through the gaining of new skills.

7. Build relationships with peers.

6. Explore and grow in singing and acting skills.

5. Have fun!

4. Grow in knowledge of the scriptures and the Bible; this is the start of a solid foundation.

3. Begin to see themselves as worship leaders in the church at-large, not just performers.

2. Share the Gospel through our Christmas and spring musical programs.

And the number one reason why your child should join Christ Kidz Live is...

1. Grow in their faith through singing, acting, playing instruments, exploring the Bible and memorizing scriptures.


Please visit the information desks or PowerUp check-in table to fill out a registration form for Christ Kidz Live.  We will begin on Wednesday evening, August 20th.  More details coming soon!