Hurricane Relief

Hurricanes Florence & Michael caused major damage to our Southeast neighbors. The Holston Conference sent out a call to all UMC churches to collect items for flood buckets.  These flood buckets are sent to families whose homes have to be cleaned and mucked out.  Christ Church’s donations have been sent with other area churches to help with relief.  


Please pray for those affected by these devastating storms.  Pray that something as simple as cleaning supplies will help them know they are being prayed for and that people care about them.


Bethlehem - Wiley UMC


Christ Church is a partner with our sister United Methodist Church in downtown Chattanooga, Bethlehem - Wiley UMC.  Christ Church worship leader, Willie Kitchens is the Pastor of Beth-Wiley and we are happy to do events together throughout the year. Pastor Willie and his congregation have taken Beth-Wiley from a church with very few active members and turned it into a vibrant and spirit filled church again.  For more information on Beth-Wiley visit


Please pray for Pastor Willie and the congregation of Beth-Wiley.  That the Holy Spirit would continue to work through them to help Beth-Wiley continue to grow and share God’s love in the downtown area. 


Project 541


Project 541 is a nonprofit organization committed to supporting and empowering women and girls of LaMoskita, Honduras.  Completely isolated by jungle, La Moskitia is only accessible by boat, or small airplane. Due to this isolation, the region experiences a severe lack of resources and information, and has some of the highest poverty rates in Central America. Their goal is to give girls and women the skills needed to create a sustainable future for their family and their community.  They currently have 8 residents in their residential program ranging in age from 18 months- 17 years. Due to cultural traditions girls are rarely educated past 6th grade, and are often expected to only be house servants, and raise children. Project 541 operates 3 programs in order to target this problem at the source, and create sustainable solutions for the Miskito community. The children under Project 541’s care are not in a temporary group home, but they are an organization that will give them a permanent place to grow up and a family to be a part of. 


Please pray for the residents of Project 541.  That their stories would be changed because of the love they will receive through Project 541.  Also pray for their Executive Director and Christ Church member Kayla Austin who lives with and serves as a parent figure for their 8 residents.