Resolutions That Stick

Risk -  1/21/2018 - Nathan Malone

We are invited to take risks for the cause of Christ, to be willing to get out of the boat and try something for God that may look scary. In other words, if we really are willing to follow where Jesus leads us, there will be few dull moments!

Dream -  1/14/2018 - Nathan Malone

The prophets of the Old Testament sometimes were given a message with a vision of better times to come. The wrongs of the present time will not always be with us. We are invited to catch a glimpse of God’s vision and live into making that happen.

Listen -  1/7/2018 - Nathan Malone

This is the story of Moses being willing to let his father-in-law give him advice on how to guide his people. We will look at how life is better if we are willing to listen to the counsel of others. Most importantly, we are wise to learn to listen to God.