Who's Number One?

Staying Connected and Setting An Example -  9/17/2017 - Nathan Malone

Luke 4:14-16b (ends with “as was his custom.”) tells us it was the custom of Jesus to go to the synagogue each week. We will emphasize the need we all have to stay connected to God and each other through regularly worship participation. We will also note that others are watching (especially children, young people and new Christians) to see if regularly participating with others in the church is important to us.

Playing Offense and Defense -  9/10/2017 - Nathan Malone

In football, a few players are able to play both offense and defense. But as a Christian, all of us need to be able to “go on the offensive” against the powers of this world as well as to retreat into times of dealing with the struggles of this world. Prayer is the means through which we can do both. Through our connection with God in prayer, we are empowered to go and do what God calls us to do. Through prayer, we also are renewed and supported by God through the pain and sufferings of this world. Jesus himself knew of the need to withdraw, to be alone with God in prayer.