Donut Cam

Ever wonder what happened to the "fancy" donuts at Christ Church? Click the image to see the expose.

Be Inviting

Inviting others to worship and other activities at Christ Church is easy, but it is also a very, very important thing for all of us to do.  

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Xtreme Devotions

Click to Play VideoThe ninth installment of our monthly video devotions has arrived. "Extreme Devotions" places our Senior Pastor, Mark Flynn, into some very unusual situations....once again acknowledging Christ Church's desire to take God seriously, but not ourselves.

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Click to Play VideoOur parking plea continues....see the great and powerful OZ..uh I mean Mark as he requests additional volunteers to park in the land of OZ.


Three Simple Rules Video

Click to Play VideoThis video highlights the Church-wide study using the Three Simple Rules book. Click the book image to play the video.