• We see Christ Church reaching out in Christian love to invite, welcome, include, and engage all who seek a new or deeper relationship with Jesus Christ; and this passion drives all our decisions, our ministries, and our actions.
  • Each of us, from new believer to mature Christian, is on a spiritual journey; and Christ Church will provide the guidance, knowledge, support, and accountability required for each of us to grow and mature in our faith. 
  • This growth equips persons for ministry, and our vision is that all persons who are part of Christ Church will share their faith, utilize their God-given gifts, and serve others in life-changing ways our community, our region, and the world.
  • We see our church growing to become as diverse in every way as the people who live in the communities around us 
  • We will remember that the fruit we bear, our growth, and our ministries are all the result of God’s work and wisdom and not our own.