Thursday Night Connect

Our  “Thursday Night CONNECT” worship service is held in The Commons and goes from 6:30-7:15 p.m.  This mid-week service is an opportunity to connect to God in worship and to stay connected to each other. Pastor Nathan Malone shares a different message from what he shares on Sunday, and the worship music is a relaxed contemporary acoustic style. Children, check out “Kid’ Connect”, a time of worship through activities for grades 1-5 and we also have a nursery for younger children.

Our hope is that this service provides a worship opportunity for those who have to work or be away on the weekends. If you know someone with that schedule, please tell them about this service and maybe even offer to come with them the first time or two. This may also be a preferred time to worship for people who do not have a church home but have other things they like to do on the weekend.

Go ahead and put this service on your calendar, planner or phone for every Thursday. Add the language of “Thursday Night CONNECT” to your regular conversations. When you hear your friends say they are going to be away this weekend, remind them about “TNC.”  When you see someone on Monday who wasn’t in worship on Sunday, remind them about this service.   

Most of all, pray for it and all who will participate in it.  May we all be better connected to God and each other because of “Thursday Night CONNECT!”

Click to Play VideoVideo from our First Thursday Night CONNECT service.

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