ImageThe curriculum for our program is activity based using the state mandated program,Creative Curriculum and the Tennessee Early Childhood Early Learning Development Standards. Opportunities are provided for observation and hands-on experiences. Children learn by doing and by exploring the environment using all the senses. It is a child-centered program directed toward encouraging children to become independent learners and to project the feeling that learning is fun.

In school, a child is always learning and developing. Each day brings opportunities to play, investigate, and explain ideas through:

(A)   Group Experience – Planning, working, and playing in an organized experience so that desirable habits, attitudes, independence, and responsibility are established.

(B)   Creative Experience – Self-expression through the use of paints, clay, crayons, manual tools, and other materials.

(C)   Language Experience – Enjoying stories, verse, conversation, and dramatization.  

(D)   Math Experience – Experiences with sizes, shapes, colors, likenesses, and differences. 

(E)   Social Relationships – Experiences in family living, what families do, how they dress, and where they live. 

(F)   Science – Based on nature study.  Making observations and drawing conclusions about the change in temperature, seasons, environment, animals and people. 

(G)   Music Experiences – Responding rhythmically to songs, singing, and listening to music.  Music classes will be held each Thursday and Friday. 

(H)   Health and Safety – Learning food health habits, acquiring an intelligent understanding of safety rules. 

(I)     Physical Experiences – Outdoor play and exercise. 

(J)    Religious Development - Chapel will be held each Monday and Tuesday morning.  During the year, services will include Bible stories and church songs.