Classes Offered


altChrist Academy offers a wide variety of classes for preschool age children. The following list is the class offerings we currently have.




 Toddler Class (12 mos. by Aug. 15)  Mon/Wed/Fri  9:00-12:00 (1 class)
   Tues/Thurs  9:00-12:00 (1class)
 Two-Year-Old Classes (2 yrs by Aug. 15)  Mon/Wed/Fri  9:00-12:00(1 class)
   Tues/Thurs  9:00-12:00 (1 class)

 Three-Year-Old Classes 
(must be potty-trained)

Mon/Wed/Fri  9:00-12:00 (2 classes)
   Tues/Thurs  9:00-12:00 (1 class)

Four-Year-Old Class (by Aug. 15)

Mon/Wed/Fri 9:00-12:00 (1 class) 

 Pre-Kindergarten Class
(children who will attend
Kindergarten the following fall)

 Mon thru Fri  9:00-12:00 (2 classes)


Birthdays before August 15th for Enrollment (as required by school system)

Optional Stay and Play:  Tues & Wed  12:00-2:00 (Additional fees apply--must bring lunch)

Please contact Laura Lloyd, Preschool Director, at 423-892-5958 if you have any additional questions.

8645 E. Brainerd Rd. Chattanooga, TN 37421 
423-892-8443 fax