Countdown to Christmas

Christmas is a season filled with anticipation. From the very beginning, the world was waiting for a promised Rescuer to come and make things right with God. At Christmas, we look forward to opening presents and being with family. Most of all, we can’t wait to celebrate Jesus, the One who came to fulfill that promise.

Lighting the candles of Advent is a centuries-old tradition throughout the church. It’s a chance to reflect on significance of the season and look forward to celebrating Jesus. Here are some simple ways to create your own advent tradition. Over the next month, take time each Sunday and countdown to Christmas. Pause and remember the Christmas story.  Celebrate how God sent Jesus to be our Savior.

Bring the light of Christmas into your home during this season of Advent. There's no need for fancy or frilly materials to prepare your heart during Advent. Get some ideas for your own simple DIY Advent wreath by clicking on the images in this attached page. Click here for the DIY page.

Click here to download/print a simple Advent Weath page.

Click here to download/print the Christmas Countdown page.

Click here to download/print the Christmas Countdown Parent guide page.