Sunday Morning Children's Worship

As we are “taking steps forward faithfully and safely” in our church now to include preschool age worship and nurseries, we are closely following the guidelines and protocols of our church, the Conference COVID Task Force, and the CDC.  In addition to the COVID protocols we are reviewing the church’s Safe Sanctuary Policy with staff since it has been almost a year since we have had these programs.
The nurseries and children’s programs will be available during our worship services.
Our rooms are compliant and we have the janitorial staff in place to properly sanitize after the rooms and bathrooms are used.
Our check in for each child will be at the appropriate age classroom securing the name, name of parent or guardian, and contact phone numbers.  Each will be given a paper at check-in that will be presented when the parent/guardian comes to check out the child.  
The children will be in rooms by age: nurseries will have no more than 5 children in a room with two/3 staff; preschool rooms will have no more than 8 children in a room with two staff.  This will allow us to keep social distancing as much as possible.  If more children arrive that make us more than capacity, we will have staff ready to open up another room.  In the baby room, different smocks will be worn when a different child is held or picked up. The 3 year olds and up will be required to wear masks.  Shoe covers or socks will be worn in the nurseries to prevent germs on the rugs.
There will no food or drinks in the rooms except for infant bottles.
Even though our janitorial staff will be sanitizing, each room will be equipped with extra cleaning supplies including spray cleaner and sanitizer, soap, cleaning wipes, tissues, and extra face masks.
We will not have singing in the programs and each child will have their own set of supplies so as not to contaminate each other.  Use of toys and props will be kept to a minimum so that sharing/contaminating will be limited.

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