TLC - Tender Loving Care Ministry


Our Tender Loving Care Ministry makes sure that all members and friends of our church family are visited on a regular basis while they are shut-in or residing in nursing homes. We have many on our list that need a friendly visit or a loving phone call to let them know their church family has not forgotten them.


Please pray for the members of our congregation that are shut-in or residing in nursing homes during this Christmas season.  We are grateful for the members of our TLC Ministry that take the time to visit and call those who are unable to attend church.



Needlemania is a ministry of Christ Church that makes quilts and other handmade items for members of our community.  This group shares a passion for Christ, a love of needlework and a desire to reach out to others. They are involved in several outreach ministries where this unique skill set benefits. 


Please pray for those that will receive the handmade items from the Needlemania ministry.  That they would feel the love of Christ through a quilt being made for them.  We also say a prayer of thanksgiving for the members of Needlemania; we are grateful that they are using their talents and skills to reach out to those who need to feel loved and cared for.


Prison Prevention Ministries


Christ Church is proud to support Prison Prevention Ministries, a local non-profit here in Chattanooga. The vision of Prison Prevention Ministries is to help others find their lifelong purpose. Prison Prevention Ministries believes life-long transformation comes through a relationship with Jesus Christ. Their two-fold ministry pours into the lives of inmates as well as youth of all ages. It is their mission to invest in the lives of inmates by providing Bible-based life-skill seminars in institutions each quarter.  The Prevention Program promotes positive decision making among youth. By connecting youth with life-changing experiences, Prison Prevention Ministries is able to create relationships with youth in 7 counties across Tennessee and Northwest Georgia. 


Christ Church is proud to support Prison Prevention Ministries (PPM), a local non-profit here in Chattanooga. Prison Prevention ministries seeks to prevent at-risk youth from entering prison and helps current persons who are incarcerated not return to prison.  Lord, we thank you for the ministry of PPM. We pray for all those that are affected by a person’s stay in prison, the inmate, their families, their community, etc.  We ask that the work of PPM would be fruitful and will help persons stay out of the prison system.