First Things First

First Things First is a non-profit organization that provides healthy relationship skills through classes, events and multimedia outlets. Divorce, absent fathers and unwed births are a constant threat to the overall health of our community. Here are the current stats: 27% of Hamilton County adults have been divorced. Hamilton County teenagers (ages 10-17) in 2010 accounted for 105 births. Down from 242 in 2002. Of the 40,169 households with children under 18 years old in Hamilton County, 29.9% (12,012) are headed by females. FTF aims to reverse the trends of destructive relationships and strengthen the families of our community by providing skills-based classes and events that meet people in every relational stage of life, such as: dating teens & young adults, engaged couples, married couples, parents, singles and any combination. Christ Church is proud to partner with First Things First by hosting their classes in our building and also financially.  For more information visit

First Things First is a non-profit in Chattanooga whose goal is to reduce the number of divorce filings, out of wedlock pregnancies and to increase father involvement in Hamilton County. This is an endeavor that Christ Church is happy to support.  Please pray for the work of First Things First in our community.  We give thanks that this type of organization exists in our town to support families.