Costa Rica Methodist Children’s Home

Each year our church helps support this home located in Coronado, a suburb of the capitol, San Jose. The home is there for children declared legally abandoned by the child welfare agency of Costa Rica. These children stay there until adopted, returned to their biological families or leave when they become of age. Through last year, there were a total of 81 children administered to, of which 23 were adopted, 28 returned to family members. There are 23 children living in the home today.
An easy way to support The Costa Rica Methodist Children’s Home is by purchasing Seriously Good Coffee.  All proceeds from the sales of this coffee goes directly to this organization.  It is seriously good!

In addition to supporting this ministry financially, our church has a mission trip each year to Costa Rica. What a great way to give of your skills and heart. For more information or to learn more about joining the next mission trip contact Jan Griffin at  or click here.

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