Pantry Pile-Up

Every year as part of the Holston Annual Conference, churches are asked to participate in their Hands-On Mission Project. This year the Scenic City District has been asked to collect Home Buckets for the Ishe Anesu Project for Underprivileged Children in Zimbabwe. This will be our May Pantry Pile Up collection as well. 

Please purchase the items in the EXACT SIZE listed. We can not send sizes larger! Buckets should be brought to the church no later than May 30th. Please contact Lindsey Gallaher at or 423-892-9363 for details.

Pack all items in a NEW 5-gallon bucket with lid. 

1 spray deodorant (7 oz. or less, NOT BODY SPRAY)

1 laundry detergent (liquid or powder, 40 loads or less)

1 bottle ANTIBACTERIAL hand soap (10oz. or less)

1 bottle hand sanitizer (10 oz. or less)

1 bottle toilet cleaner (24 oz. or less)

1 bottle dish liquid (25 oz. or less)

1 bottle shampoo (15 oz. or less)

1 roll paper towels (individually wrapped) 

$5 for shipping (placed in an envelope and attached to the lid.)

8645 E. Brainerd Rd. Chattanooga, TN 37421 
423-892-8443 fax