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The Disaffiliation Process

                                At the General Conference of 2019, a “Disaffiliation Process” was established for those churches who want to leave The United Methodist Church.  In the spring of 2022, several conservative church leaders announced they were establishing the Global Methodist Church.  Since then, they have been encouraging pastors and local churches to enter this process and unite with them.  Some have chosen to enter the process and in some places, congregations have already voted to disaffiliate.  
                                In October of 2022, our Senior Pastor, Nathan Malone recommended to our Church Council that we not enter that process at this time, that we wait until General Conference meets to see if any changes are made that might prompt our consideration of the process.  The Council voted unanimously to accept that recommendation.  We are committed to staying focused on our mission of “learning to live the way of Jesus Christ and inviting all to follow him.”  
                                One of the primary issues that has prompted many churches to enter the process is over being able to retain church property.  The deadline set by the General Conference for this process is the end of 2023.  However, the Holston Conference leaders have assured our churches that they will act in a gracious manner toward any church seeking to disaffiliate after 2023.  Invitation Team works toward gracious exit beyond 2023 - Holston Conference of the United Methodist Church.
                                Here are other links to information related to this process: Invitation Team - Holston Conference of the United Methodist Church

Book of Discipline: 2553. Disaffiliation over Human Sexuality (


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