Summer Bible Challenge - “People, Places, Parables and Prayers”

Places: No Matter Where, God Is There -  7/12/2020 Nathan Malone

The many different places mentioned in the Bible remind us that no matter where we go, God is there.

People:  God’s Missionaries -  7/5/2020 Nathan Malone

From the beginning, God has chosen to work through people to bring about his mission to bless and disciple all people.

Mount Rushmore of The Old Testament

David: A Shepherd, A Slayer, A Sinner, A Saint -  6/28/2020 Nathan Malone
In his journey of faith with God, David experienced some tremendous highs and some humbling lows.

Moses: Saved In A Basket and Called To Save Others -  6/21/2020 Nathan Malone
As a baby, his mother ingeniously saved him.  Later, God called him to lead the people of God on a salvation journey out of Egypt.

Jacob:  The Taker Who Got Taken -  6/14/2020 Nathan Malone
From the time he was born, Jacob was always grabbing for what somebody else had, until one day he had a wrestling match that changed his life.

Abraham:  He Dared To Believe And Go -  6/7/2020 Nathan Malone
Known to many as “The Father of the Faith,” he trusted this God who called him to go on a journey of covenant-making.