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What’s Next? Life After Easter



After The Spirit Comes -  5/28/2023  Nathan Malone

On the Day of Pentecost, the Holy Spirit empowered the disciples to share God’s message and change the lives of many people. The Spirit still does that to all who will receive.



Waiting On The Spirit -  5/21/2023  Nathan Malone

Jesus lets his disciples then and now know that we are only to go serve his mission when we have been empowered by the Holy Spirit.



After Growing Up -  5/14/2023  Nathan Malone

After we grow up and become adults, we are sent out into the world to represent our family. As we grow up in Christ, we are sent out into the world to represent him. The movie clip referenced in the sermon can be watched here:



After Graduation -  5/7/2023  Nathan Malone

Jesus told his first disciples he would teach them to fish for people. When he told them to “go make disciples” he was telling them to go put those lessons into practice.



After Spring Training -  4/30/2023  Nathan Malone

Professional baseball players gather for several weeks to practice and prepare, then are sent to go and play the games that matter. As part of the Church, we are also part of a team that has been sent to change lives and the world.

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