Reconfiguring, Renovating or Reconstructing Your Faith House


Being Able To Admit You Were Wrong -  1/29/2023  Nathan Malone

Saul was so convinced that Jesus was not the Messiah that he went on a crusade to destroy is movement. When he discovered he was wrong, he had to do some major renovations in his life. God sometimes invites us to do some renovating of our “faith house.”


Check It Out Yourself -  1/22/2023  Nathan Malone

Nicodemus was part of a group who did not believe in Jesus. Yet he saw something in Jesus and decided to talk to him personally. Sometimes we let what others think and say overly influence us.


When What You Believe Isn’t Working -  1/15/2023  Nathan Malone

Much of what Job had been taught and believed proved not to be true in his life. So he had to rebuild his “faith house.” Many people of our day and time are also finding this need to reconstruct what they believe. God affirms these spiritual construction projects.


Making Great Strides By Limping -  1/8/2023  Nathan Malone

Jacob came out of a wrestling match with God with a new name and limping. At some point in our life, we each recognize the need to change.

A New Creation

A New Creation -  1/1/2023  Rev. Mary Thompson

This Sunday we welcome back a former member of our staff, Rev. Mary Thompson.  She is now serving Holston Conference as Director of Camping Ministries.  Her sermon will focus on verse 17 of the Scripture text and explore ways to live into being new creations.

Christmas 365

Christmas 365 -  12/25/2022  Nathan Malone

Both the wise men and the shepherds were sent to Bethlehem to find Jesus. We are all invited to seek Christ every day of our life.

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