Cliff Notes from Christ

A Model For Prayer and Life -  1/26/2020 Nathan Malone

Jesus gives his followers a model for how to pray, but it is also instructive for how to live life each day.

More Than The ‘Do Nots’ -  1/19/2020 Nathan Malone

Jesus teaches that to be his people, we are to focus on doing something for others and not be satisfied with what we have stayed away from doing.

Salt and Light -  1/12/2020 Nathan Malone

Jesus uses two common elements of the world to teach his followers that we are to make a difference in the world around us.

When You Don’t Feel #Blessed -  1/5/2020 Nathan Malone

Jesus lists some people who are blessed because of certain characteristics they already have.  It was another example of him turning the thinking of this world upside down.

When GPS Recalculates.

When GPS Recalculates. -  12/29/2019 - David Hall

Our GPS often "recalculates" when things change in our lives; and sometimes God calls us, challenges us to grow, and even gives us new assignments for ministry during these times. Like the Magi, we too are called to go home by a different route.