Imagine Beyond

Imagine Beyond  -  8/18/2019 - Nathan Malone

God can and will do so much more than we can even imagine. But let’s at least give it some thought. Let’s imagine what we can do on behalf of our Lord when we get beyond this debt.

Who Could Have Imagined?  -  8/11/2019 - Nathan Malone

When Jesus gave this mission to his disciples, it was also a vision of sharing the gospel all over the world.  They had no idea how big the world was!  When God began to give the vision to those who began ministry on these grounds, even they could not have imagined we would be where we are now!

You Saved My Life

You Saved My Life  -  7/21/2019 - Nathan Malone

When we give ourselves to our Lord’s mission and ministry, we get to participate in literally saving the lives of people.

Difference Makers

Difference Makers  -  7/28/2019 - Ann Robins

Through Jesus Christ, you can make a difference in the lives of other people.

This ‘ARK’ Stands For Something Else

This ‘ARK’ Stands For Something Else  -  7/14/2019 - Nathan Malone

We change the lives of others each day by doing simple deeds of kindness.  If everyone participated, we could change the world.