The Good News Challenge

Wearing And Carrying A Cross -  4/15/2019 - Nathan Malone

It is a good thing to wear a cross. It is another thing to carry one.

A Good And Bad Reason To Look Down -  4/7/2019 - Nathan Malone

This parable tells of one who looked down with pride and one who looked down with humility.

You’ve Got A House To Build -  3/31/2019 - Nathan Malone

With a simple parable, Jesus gives an image of what it looks like to follow him….or not.

I’ll Catch You Later -  3/24/2019 - Nathan Malone

When Jesus invites us to follow him, it is tempting to find excuses in order to put that off until later.

Loving Enemies? Jesus, Are You Kidding? -  3/17/2019 - Nathan Malone

This may be the hardest of Jesus’ teaching and for some is a good reason not to be a Christian.

Tempted To Settle For Less -  3/10/2019 - Nathan Malone

Satan has and will always tempt us to settle for something less than giving our full devotion to God while saying we believe in God.