June 2017

The Build 'Em Up Business -  6/25/2017 - Mary Thompson

God cares about how we treat each other. Throughout Scripture Jesus teaches about how we should love each other. Why is it so hard for us to not cast stones at each other? By intentionally building each other up we will be able to see and show the face of Jesus Christ.

The Church -- Here We Go! -  6/18/2017 - David Hall

The Jordan River separated Israel from their promised homeland, and it was finally time for them to go and take it. Like Israel, we are called to go! That means taking that first uncertain step into whatever our flooded and rolling rivers are and trusting God to go with us. What a wonderful time to summon our faith as individuals and as the church to go!

The Church -- Here We Are! -  6/11/2017 - David Hall

Gathered at the Jordan under Joshua, the Israelites have been through a journey of growth and change and are ready to follow God's call to cross the river. Christ Church is also prepared and ready after the first part of our journey. This is a time to pause, to reflect, to celebrate, and to look forward as a church and as followers of Christ.

Spirit Power -  6/4/2017 - Fred Dearing

The Spirit at Pentecost is the same Spirit which hovered over the waters at creation bringing light out of darkness and order out of chaos; that put flesh on the dry bones in the valley of dry bones; that was in the fiery furnace with Shadrack, Mesach and Abednigo; that was in the Lions den with Daniel; that spoke through the Prophets; that was Jesus in the wilderness; that was in Jesus and empowered Him; that raised Jesus from the dead. That is the power bestowed on you for the new future and day. It will bring you through transitions and bring Grace, love, mercy, and justice into the world through you.