How To Spot God -  9/3/2017 - Nathan Malone

Jesus taught us, both by words and actions, about where and how we are to be focused in ministry. This parable teaches us to meet the needs of the least, last, lost and lonely. We will also consider the “Fruits of the Spirit” in Galatians 5 as evidence of where God is working.

Why, God, Why? -  8/27/2017 - Nathan Malone

What about those times when God does not show up like we pray for? Jesus prayed this prayer on the cross. And Job is filled with the question of “Why?” We will reflect on those times when God sustains us even when we are not aware of it.

God Of Surprises -  8/20/2017 - Nathan Malone

Throughout the Bible, God surprises us. That is especially true in the New Testament when God shows up as a baby, then later hangs on a cross. Of course, there is all that wind and fire at Pentecost and blinding Saul on the Road to Damascus. You just never know when or how God will show up next!

God-Sightings BC -  8/13/2017 - Nathan Malone

We will reflect on a few Old Testament stories (Moses, Joshua, Elijah, the three in the fiery furnace) for occasions when God was revealed in the days before Christ.

Through God’s Eyes -  8/6/2017 - Nathan Malone

God does not look at the outward appearance of someone, but inside. As God’s people, may we learn to see the same way.