You Get To Choose

How to Live Life: For Granted or With Gratitude? -  11/19/2017 - Nathan Malone

Luke 17:11-18 is the story of Jesus healing the ten lepers. Only one of them comes back to thank Jesus for being healed. It is so easy to take life for granted, rather than being grateful.

Which Kind of Courage: ‘Dis’ or ‘En’? -  11/12/2017 - Nathan Malone

Jesus’ apostles give a man named Joseph a new name, Barnabas, which means “son of encouragement.” One of our choices in life is deciding whether we will be a person who encourages or discourages others.

Where to Live: Past, Future or Present? -  11/5/2017 - Nathan Malone

The Bible teaches us to remember the past and learn from it. Scripture also ends with a glorious vision of the future, from which we can also learn. It is tempting to want to live in either the past or the future, but that is not their purpose. Both the past and the future are teachers that guide us in how to live in the present.

Which Spirit: Evil or Holy? -  10/29/2017 - Nathan Malone

Every day, we each have the choice of spirits that we will allow to guide us. We can choose the spirit that will hurt and destroy or we can choose the Spirit that heals and gives life.

Where to Focus: Self or Others? -  10/22/2017 - Nathan Malone

Jesus says that to be his follower, we are to first deny our selfish nature and take up our cross, which means to focus on the needs of others.