Easter Aftermath

Know, Grow and Go! -  5/13/2018 - Nathan Malone

Jesus meets with his disciples one final time to give them their mission, based in the authority given to him because of Easter. As his followers today, we have been given the same mission. We are to be and make disciples for him.

Tell It Like You See It -  5/6/2018 - Nathan Malone

To be a witness is to share what we have seen or experienced. We will emphasize that we are all called to witness in this way for our Lord.

Follow The Leader -  4/29/2018 - Nathan Malone

The Easter message to the disciples in this Gospel is that Jesus “is going ahead of you…..There you will see him.” Jesus is still always out ahead of us and we are called to follow where he is leading. When we do, we will see him.

Believing Is Seeing -  4/22/2018 - Nathan Malone

This is the story of “doubting Thomas,” the one who had to see the risen Christ for himself before he would believe. Jesus pronounces a blessing on those who believe without seeing. Often in the life of faith, it is about risking belief first, after which we begin to see.

Meet Jesus and Do a 180 -  4/15/2018 - Nathan Malone

This is the story of Saul meeting the risen Christ and being transformed from an enemy into a great evangelist. Because of Easter, we can experience transformation in our own lives as well as seeking it in the lives of others.  Former skeptics and enemies of God can be turned into great workers in God’s kingdom.