Just One Can Make A Difference

Choose One God -  9/30/2018 - Nathan Malone

There are so many “gods” (options for what is most important) available to us. It is important to regularly examine our lives and determine who or what is most important to us. The “one God” of the Bible is the only One who can best guide us.

Church Begins With One -  9/23/2018 - Nathan Malone

When Andrew meets Jesus, he goes and finds his brother and introduces him to Jesus; this brother goes on to be a primary leader of the disciples and of the early Church. When you help even one person come to know Jesus, you never know what affect that will have.

One Boy’s Meal -  9/16/2018 - Nathan Malone

Only John tells us about a boy providing the loaves and fish for the feeding of the 5,000 plus. God can take the willingness to share of just one person and produce awesome miracles!

God Notices Each One -  9/9/2018 - Nathan Malone

God notices Hagar’s son. Jesus teaches that God notices even the birds in the air. We begin this series focused on this God who is aware of each and every person.