Grow Your Heart

Giving That Says ‘Thanks’ -  11/18/2018 - Nathan Malone

Paul encourages the Christians at Corinth to “excel in the grace of giving.” By flipping the word “thanksgiving” in our title, we are reminded that we show our level of gratitude for what God has done for us by what we give to God’s ministry.

The Root Of It All -  11/11/2018 - Nathan Malone

Having money and the things of this world is not “the root of all evil” but the love of money and things and placing our hope in them is.

Is Christ On Your Christmas List? -  11/4/2018 - Nathan Malone

A primary way to grow your heart to be more like Christ is to grow in generosity. This sermon invites us to practice good “financial discipleship” by growing in our giving to Christ’s mission, giving sacrificially and giving our best.