The Characters of Christmas

The Wise Men and The Gift For All -  12/30/2018 - David Hall

The Magi were well educated, highly regarded, and very likely wealthy and powerful. They traveled from the East and a foreign culture. They were very different from the humble shepherds who came earlier to worship the baby. The presence of the Magi shows us today that God’s gift of a Son is for all of us – poor, rich and in between.

God Wants You In The Picture -  12/24/2018 - Nathan Malone

Another “Character of Christmas” is you. God’s gift of Jesus Christ is for you, not only to receive it but to share this gift with others. Put yourself in the nativity scene. God wants you in the picture.

Jesus: Gift From God and Gift of Self -  12/23/2018 - Nathan Malone

The Bible includes two understandings about Jesus coming into the world: God gave his only Son as gift to all the world, but Jesus also gave himself to the world.

Mary: Servant of God -  12/16/2018 - Nathan Malone

Though what the angel tells her had to seem impossible, Mary chooses to believe this statement: “For nothing is impossible with God.” Upon hearing that statement, she says “I am the Lord’s servant.” We are all called to serve God’s mission in this world, no matter how impossible it may seem at times.

Elizabeth: Mary’s Encourager -  12/9/2018 - Nathan Malone

Mary surely heard whispers and endured many stares after word about her pregnancy spread. This visit with her relative had to be so affirming. We all need those around us who encourage and inspire us. Join us as we worship in the Sanctuary with our CUMC choirs and orchestra members from the community as they come together to present our Christmas musical offering, "The King Is Here." This will be a multi-media musical experience with music from our children, youth, and adults. Come and experience the wonder of Christmas as we worship Christ our King and share the musical message of Christ's love for you and me.

Joseph: A Man of Obedience and Courage -  12/2/2018 - Nathan Malone

For many of the people of Nazareth, Matthew lost a lot of credibility in taking Mary as his wife, even though she was pregnant. He exhibited tremendous obedience and courage to do what he did. This same Holy Spirit still calls us into situations in which we must also “trust and obey.”