Mount Rushmore Of The New Testament

Luke: Writer Of Two Key Books -  8/30/2020 Nathan Malone

This writer’s contribution to the New Testament is invaluable. He gives us not only his Gospel account of the life and ministry of Jesus Christ, but also the follow-up account of the Holy Spirit’s ministry in the early Church.


Paul: Once He Was Blind, But Then He Saw -  8/23/2020 Nathan Malone

Paul was blind to what God was doing through Jesus, but then was healed of that blindness and became a great evangelist for Christ.


Peter: From Rocky To A Solid Rock -  8/16/2020 Nathan Malone

Peter’s journey of faith was often rocky, but he became a foundational leader for the early Church.


Mary: Mother of Jesus -  8/9/2020 Nathan Malone

Mary teaches us lessons as a servant of God and mother of our Lord.

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