Is There A Light At The End Of The Tunnel?



Creation Out of Chaos: Life Out of Death -  9/27/2020 Nathan Malone

At times, our life and our world can be full of chaos. Good news! We believe in a God who creates order out of chaos and brings life out of death!




To What ‘Normal’ Will You Return? -  9/20/2020 Nathan Malone

Nehemiah leads a rebuilding of the walls of Jerusalem. If you could totally “rebuild” your life, what would you still include and what would you leave out?



What Do You Have When Everything Changes? -  9/13/2020 Nathan Malone

When God’s people were carried off to a foreign land, their whole life changed. What carries you through the changes of life?



It Helps To Talk About It -  9/6/2020 Nathan Malone

This book, along with many of the Psalms, teaches us the value of lamenting when we are down. In the midst of the book, there is this word of hope. God is also with us IN the tunnel.

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