Matt’s Big Book Of Perplexing Parables



50 Percent Are Prepared -  10/25/2020 Nathan Malone

This story from Jesus tells of ten bridesmaids at a wedding. When the groom was late, only five of them were prepared. Okay, so what does that have to do with your life and your future?




Is Grace Fair? -  10/18/2020 Nathan Malone

A story about grace that might make you grind your teeth.




What Do We Do About The Weeds? -  10/11/2020 Nathan Malone

A farmer planted wheat, but weeds grew in the midst of it. The workers want to know if they should pull up the weeds. Now if the wheat and weeds represent people.




Forgiven, But Won’t Forgive -  10/4/2020 Nathan Malone

This story tells of a man who was forgiven a huge debt, but then refused to forgive a small debt. Any chance this connects to our relationship with God and other people?

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