A Christmas Word; A Christmas Light

The Light Shines In The Darkness -  12/24/2020 Nathan Malone

On this night, we celebrate a Light that does not go out.


He Became One Of Us -  12/20/2020 Nathan Malone

One of the greatest statements in the history of humanity is this: “...the Word became flesh and lived among us...”




Believe And Start New -  12/13/2020 Nathan Malone

To all who receive and believe in Jesus, they become the children of God. And one of the reasons we love Christmas is because of the children.




Check Out This Light -  12/6/2020 Nathan Malone

John came as a “witness to testify to the light...” Those who follow Jesus Christ are invited to tell others about the light they have found in him.




Before Bethlehem, Beyond Bethlehem -  11/29/2020 Nathan Malone

This writer lets us know that Jesus Christ did not begin as a baby in Bethlehem, but has existed since the beginning of time.

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