L’s That Lead To Life

LOVE -  3/28/2021  Nathan Malone

One of the primary themes of this Gospel book is our word for the day. This writer emphasizes God’s love for everyone and Jesus’ command that we love one another.


LEAD -  3/21/2021  Nathan Malone

By washing the feet of his disciples, Jesus taught what it means to lead as one of his followers.


LOYAL -  3/14/2021  Nathan Malone

At one point in the story of Jesus, John tells us that some people decided to stop following Jesus. Disciples then and now choose to remain loyal to him.


LEGIT -  3/7/2021  Nathan Malone

Many people questioned Jesus and wondered if his claims were legitimate. Still today, we all have to make decisions about what and who is legit.


LIBERATING -  2/28/2021  Nathan Malone

Several stories in the Gospel of John tell of different ways that Jesus freed people to live a new life. He also offered a lesson in what will set you free.


LEARN -  2/21/2021  Nathan Malone

Nicodemus was a teacher who still wanted to learn. That is at the core of what it means to be a disciple. Note: The video clip used in this service is used with permission of The Chosen https://studios.vidangel.com/the-chosen.


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