Because Of Easter...

(Christ)ians Show Up To Forgive -  5/16/2021  Nathan Malone

Ananias was a disciple of Jesus who took a big risk to forgive someone and help them connect with Jesus. The people of Christ still have that assignment.


(Christ)ians Show Up For Mothers -  5/9/2021  Nathan Malone

After Jesus’ ascension, his followers included Jesus’ mother among them. We will explore how we can help those serving in the role of mother.


(Christ)ians Show Up To Meet Needs -  5/2/2021  Nathan Malone

Just as Jesus had done, his followers continued to feed people and meet other needs. He still shows up today in many ways and places through his people.


(Christ)ians Show Up To Speak Up -  4/25/2021  Nathan Malone

Two of Jesus’ apostles were told to stop speaking and teaching about Jesus. They said they could not. Still today, his followers are called to let nothing stop them in telling others about their experience with Christ.


(Christ)ians Show Up As Servant Leaders -  4/18/2021  Nathan Malone

During the days of the Bible’s New Testament, Christians discerned who was to be in leadership positions. Christians also showed up to serve in those positions. Still today, followers of Christ are called to offer servant leadership.


(Christ)ians Show Up For Each Other -  4/11/2021  Nathan Malone

After Easter, Jesus’ followers were there for each other as they tried to figure out their mission. Still today, being Christ’s people means showing up to support each other in our shared ministry and faith journey.


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