Telling Our Story: The Good, Bad and Ugly

America’s Stars And Stripes -  7/4/2021  Nathan Malone

At a highlight moment for Solomon and the people of Israel, God gives the conditions for maintaining a good relationship with God, including humility and turning from ways contrary to God’s ways. Following the example of the Bible, it is good for our nation to be willing to share all of our story, both our pride and our pain.


The Highs And Lows Of Church History -  6/27/2021  Nathan Malone

From the days of the early Church in the New Testament on down through Church history, there have been times and issues at which the Church failed to be the people of Christ.


Clean Out Your Closet -  6/20/2021  Nathan Malone

This Psalm of confession and lament is a reminder of our need to confess our sins, both past and present, that we might be forgiven and healed.


The Bible Includes The Dirt -  6/13/2021  Nathan Malone

These verses about Solomon are just one of many examples where the Bible includes the sins as well as the successes of God’s people.


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